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Thank you for your interest in
"The Beginner's Guide to Mastering Your Moods".

It presents, in distilled fashion, a method that
I have stumbled upon, at a very low point in my life,
for managing my feelings. It has changed my life.

I am confident that it can do the same for you.


I am a former teacher, currently a stay-at-home mom
working as a coach and teacher to help others manage
depression, anxiety and other difficult feelings and
learn how to cultivate good ones.

I am living happily ever after. But, of course, it was
not always like that...

After a difficult childhood, I struggled for
decades with moods, negative thoughts, a very low self-image, 
headaches, depression, anxiety... I had a string of horrible
relationships. I was chronically underpaid or working in jobs
I hated - or with people I did not like. 

During all this time, I had many moments of hope and, yes,
happiness. I held on to my dream that one day... one day my
life will be perfect and everything will be just fine... and THEN
I will be happy.

One day, my biggest dreams did come true: I fell in love, married
my beloved and had the most amazing, gorgeous babies on the face
of the Earth.

After the first blush of enthusiasm and after the changes wore out,
guess what: I went back to being... shaky, depressed, plagued by
negative feelings...

But... how could this be?!

I realized that the cliche is true: happiness really is an inside job.
The world outside could not give me the feelings I was not able to feel.

I also realized that, after all that time (and waiting for the
world to GIVE ME the circumstances that would, supposedly, GIVE ME
the good feelings I was craving and waiting for) that somehow I had
forgotten HOW to feel good.

Feeling good was like a muscle that had atrophied. It was still working...
sometimes... but not very well and not for very long.

But there was one piece of monumental good news:


This is what my work is all about.

This short book will tell you the short version of how I did that.

Come by my website. and you will
hear lots more about all this.

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to you and that will genuinely provide value to your life. You can,
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Thanks and welcome to the Good Feelings Tribe!


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